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Our Process:

We are eager to hear from owners or their representatives about businesses that meet the following:

  • EBITDA $500K - $3 million
  • Willing to look at larger deals with additional investors
  • Distressed situations considered
  • Preferably located in N.E. Ohio, or possible to relocate or manage from Ohio
  • Growth opportunities, niche or proprietary products/services

In response to initial contact, we offer:

  • Complete confidentiality
  • A fast answer as to whether or not we are interested, typically the same day
  • Finder and buy-side fees on transactions we close, when the seller has not engaged the intermediary

Early in the process, we will confirm buyer / seller alignment regarding:

  • Price expectations
  • Financing structure
  • Tax matters and other seller requirements

We pay fair prices as follows:

  • We value companies based on their proven and sustainable cash generating ability.
  • We apply multiples consistent with the industry and the company’s historic trend of earnings.
  • We place little value on long-term financial projections.

Summary of information needed from seller to facilitate initial review:

  • A brief description and history of the business and management team
  • Basic financial information for the past few years
  • Confidential / informal meeting with the owner to discuss the business and owner’s needs


Referrals / Leads

For leads or referrals, please contact us at or complete the form below.