Seeking Quality Companies

NEOacq is a Northeast-Ohio-based group comprised of experienced executives and business owners seeking to leverage their experience building successful companies. 

NEOacq makes controlling investments in companies with the goals of long-term growth and adding value to the Northeast-Ohio region. 

NEOacq is not an investment bank or a broker.  We are looking to make acquisitions/investments for our team.  All communications are kept confidential -- we never share your information with anyone outside of NEOacq without your permission. 

Why NEOacq?

Since we will acquire fundamentally sound businesses, we seek to build on past successes and do not intend to dramatically change the business.  We expect to keep existing managers and employees onboard and other key relationships intact.  Additionally, sellers can expect:

  • Confidentiality, certainty and speed
  • Principal to principal discussions
  • A focus on seller needs before, during and after the transaction
  • An efficient transaction with a simple structure
  • A straightforward approach leading to a fair price on similar terms from which we started negotiations 
  • Continued business success that will make prior owners proud